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October 4, 2018

Bold Progressives CHAMPION

Honored to be named a Bold Progressives Champion! Champions are candidates who are committed to taking on economic and social inequality and fighting for the needs of working families. I'm one of just a few in Kansas to receive the endorsement.


October 1, 2018

Kansas Families for Education & AFL-CIO Endorsements

This past week, it's been made clear that I will be representing ALL Kansas families and workers when I'm elected. I'm am so proud to be recognized as the education and worker candidate in my race by the AFL-CIO and Kansas Families for Education. A thriving economy depends on strong unions to be fair and equitable, and it depends on education to bring in companies, jobs, and workers.


September 27, 2018

Sierra Club Endorsement

I am honored to be among the great candidates endorsed by Sierra Club - Kansas. Together, we will do a better job of protecting our beautiful and diverse Kansas environment by ensuring clean air; providing responsible, renewable energy; and practicing sustainable agriculture.


September 11, 2018


My latest endorsement is from #VOTEPROCHOICE, making me the only candidate for District 67 endorsed by the two main fighters for women's reproductive health. You can trust me to never vote to restrict women's access to health or to restrict their choices with their bodies.


August 8, 2018

On to the general at full steam!

I'm officially through the primary and moving on to the general and I will be ramping up canvassing and fundraising to reach as many voters as possible. Come join me on one, many, or all of my canvassing nights! If you can't or don't feel comfortable door-knocking, share my page and help me reach more people! If you can afford it, donate! And most of all, go vote and bring a friend with you to the polls.

July 19, 2018

Everytown For Gun Safety Endorsement

Officially received the Everytown for Gun Safety Endorsement! This is different from the gun-sense candidate distinction I already had. This says that they recognize I am the best candidate to enact gun-safety laws in my race! As a former leader in our local Moms Demand Action group and the organizer of the March for Our Lives, I've worked with Everytown a lot and I'm excited to represent what they stand for in the Kansas Legislature next year!


July 13, 2018

Planned Parenthood Great Plains Endorsement

Another endorsement came in today; one I'm particularly proud to receive. With the recent SCOTUS vacancy, it is more important than ever to elect local representatives who not only won't support bills restricting women's access to healthcare, but who will champion the rights of every individual to make their own healthcare decisions. I promise to be a vocal advocate for choice and proponent of Planned Parenthood and all the other clinics that provide so many services to the men and women of Kansas. I'm deeply honored to have their endorsement.


July 11, 2018

Run For Something Endorsement

Today I received an endorsement from the AMAZING grassroots organization Run For Something. I am one of 44 candidates endorsed by Run for Something this month. RFS was founded in 2017 and recruits and supports young, diverse progressives for down-ballot races to build a bench for the future. With 452 candidates endorsed total, campaign budgets ranging from $3000 to $300,000, the campaigns affect every level of government. I am particularly proud of this endorsement because it shows I am part of a massive shift in political power. Citizens are involved, citizens are voting and so, citizens are winning. More diverse candidates mean more voices are working for the interests of all people.


June 18, 2018

Balancing the Books - Van Dyke Tax Plan

The Brownback-Colyer experiments destroyed the balance in our tax revenue and forced our food sales tax to be the highest in the nation. We absolutely must reduce the food sales tax, but we need to have a way to make up for that lost revenue. Thus, I propose:

  • Making an additional tax bracket for high-income earners. The top 1% in Kansas make more than $350,000/year. Right now, they pay the same taxes as someone making $60,000. It's time they pay their fair share.

  • Increasing corporate income tax

  • Setting universal guidelines for sales tax exemption and hold companies accountable when they don’t meet those guidelines

  • Giving some taxing power back to the local governments (i.e. Property Tax Lid)

June 8, 2018

Van Dyke advocates for equal pay for women

Kansas is 37th in the nation for equal pay. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research projects that, at the current rate, women and men will not reach equal pay until 2059.

  • Women in Kansas make 77.4 cents to the dollar  

  • Black women make 64.5 cents

  • Latina women: 51.9 cents

  • Native women: 66.5 cents

  • Asian women: 71.3 cents

  • White/non-Hispanic women: 75 cents

All of these next numbers come from the National Women’s Law Center. We need to expand on our existing equal pay laws and bring 2059 to 2019.

July 13, 2018

Kansas Equality PAC Primary Endorsement

The Kansas Equality PAC does great and tireless work fighting for the LGBTQ+ community's rights. In Manhattan, they were key to getting the city's anti-discrimination ordinance passed. When I'm elected to the Kansas House, I will make it my mission to expand anti-discrimination laws statewide and make the LGBTQ+ residents of Kansas feel safe, welcomed, and loved. That includes providing employment and discrimination protections for the LGBTQ+ community and overturning the state-funded adoption discrimination bill, which my opponent helped pass.


May 25, 2018

Phillips draws first challenger since 2012

Van Dyke, a software engineer and first-time candidate, said the “absolute tipping point” in his decision to run is Phillips voting in favor of the bill that will allow faith-based adoption agencies to reject gay and lesbian couples for religious reasons. That bill becomes law on July 1.


“I have a strong sense of justice and equality,” he said. “I’m passionate about making Kansas a state for everyone and not just a few.”



May 22, 2018

Van Dyke files for office on Harvey Milk Day

"Today, on what would be Harvey Milk's 88th birthday, I announce my candidacy for the Kansas House of Representatives in the 67th District. Help me progress Kansas to a future that benefits all Kansans, and one that our children are proud to call home! Like my page, spread the word, donate to my campaign, message me with your contact information if you'd like to volunteer, and, most importantly, GO VOTE IN NOVEMBER!" - Van Dyke


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